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Sanskar World School

Our Goals

Sanskar World School known for its focus on personality development and discipline. The school offering a range of co-curricular activities, including sports, music, art, and drama, to help students become well-rounded individuals.

Cognitive Development

The school will provide maximum opportunities for all students to master basic skills.  We will promote the development of reasoning, problem solving, and the skills of application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation.

Standards of Behavior

The school will provide maximum opportunities for students to learn to respect appropriate authority, to understand, respect and appreciate others and their differing points of view, and to demonstrate high standards of behavior.

Physical Health & Development

The school will provide maximum opportunities for students to develop a respectful awareness of a healthy body and to work toward its physical development.

Affective Development

The school will provide maximum opportunities for students to develop a positive respect for self and others, a sense of responsibility as citizens, an ability to assess one’s own strengths and weaknesses, an attitude of active thinking and life-long learning, and an attitude of high expectations and purposeful self-direction.

Quality of Life

The school will provide maximum opportunity, within a safe and orderly environment, to ensure that students develop an awareness of the world around them.  Students will be given numerous opportunities to develop the communication skills necessary for positive social interaction.

Environmental Strategies

The school will provide maximum opportunities for students to learn to become purposeful, cooperative, and independent learners.  The school will utilize instructional technologies to deliver high quality state-of-the-art programs. The school will articulate the curriculum across subject areas and grade levels to provide continuity and greater meaning.

Why Choose Sanaskar World School ?

Sanskar Education and Welfare Society was established by Mrs. Asha Bisht the Founding Chairman, in the year 2019, with a vision to provide affordable quality education. Mrs Asha Bisht took it upon herself to give practical shape to this herculean task by heading Sanskar World School, Dehradun as its Founding Principal. The school was started from Kotra Kalyanur a beautiful place encircled by lush green sal trees within the Himalayan foothills facing the Shivalik mountains.

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