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Our curriculum combines aspects of our three core academic traditions.


The first few years that children spend in school are extremely crucial in their development and also influence their attitude towards school in general and studies in particular. Understanding this,  lays great emphasis on providing our younger children with a friendly, warm, and homely environment. The classrooms at ‘Sanskar world School’ are well-equipped and brightly decorated to emanate a feeling of belonging. An Activity Centre and Play Park is designed  for leisure and relaxation for the little ones outside their classrooms. At this grade level, instruction is activity-based, and play-based learning and role-playing are popular teaching strategies.

Junior school

Junior school is the primary step for our little ones as they enter Class-I. A strong start in primary school can help increase the likelihood that students will continue to do well in later stages of schooling, which can lead to better outcomes in adulthood. The basic inputs that the child has been provided at the formative stage are consolidated at this level as the student becomes capable of understanding basic concepts of the various subjects. The benefits of primary education can be seen in children’s cognitive development, physical development, social-emotional development, and moral or ethical development.

The classrooms and infrastructure Sanskar World School’ have been carefully designed to ensure that a strong bond created in the early years. Various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are acquainted with the kids at this level and hence are encouraged to determine their creativity and individual talent.

Middle School Classes VI-VIII

When the child enters Class VI, the school enables him to make the transition from a protected environment to one where he develops his individuality and personality. The child is also encouraged to develop his interest in specific subjects as per his aptitude and potential so that in later years he may specialize in his chosen areas. The subjects are taught by specialist teachers trained specifically for teaching particular subjects. The curriculum includes English, Hindi, Maths, Science, Social Sciences, Arts, and ICT.